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Be A Friend; Not  A Bully Program

Welcome to an
show that is sure to be a hit with your staff and students! 

Not only will this assembly program teach your students many important techniques and anti-bullying messages, but will also be entertaining and fun!

Silly Sally is a certified Iowa teacher with two master's degrees in education and she has over 25 years of teaching experience!  And, she has been a professional entertainer since 1997.

Silly Sally knows how to effectively deliver these important educational techniques to elementary students so that the anti-bullying messages she
teaches will be remembered.

Plus, this program uses many of the same messages your school may be utilizing from PBIS and/or Character Counts!

To contact Silly Sally, call 515-232-5050
E-Mail Sally


Check out some video highlights from the "Be A Friend; Not A Bully" show below!




So what are teachers and administrators saying about Silly Sally's assembly programs?

Watch the video testimonials below!






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